Jessie Ware and Kris Allen score big debuts, as “Say You Love Me” enters at #9 and “Lost” sits at the bottom of the top twenty. Allen adds five other songs from his album Horizons to the chart as well. While Josh Dorr introduces himself with a #84 debut for “All Or Nothing,” two soundtrack songs also enter: Gavin DeGraw’s “You Got Me,” from Dolphin Tale 2, and OneRepublic’s “Ordinary Human,” from The Giver.

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These are one hundred songs that stayed in my heavy rotation throughout 2013. In a year that saw personal advancements including eight weeks studying abroad in France and graduation from college, these songs soundtracked my year, each song appealing to me through instrumentation, lyrics, or just its overall mood. Read on for descriptions of each track, access the whole playlist on SoundCloud to listen, and judge away.
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